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HN705, MAX705, DS1705, IMP705, ADM705

Model No.︰HN705, MAX705
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰-
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specifications︰uP Surpervisory:HN705 (Pin-Pin replacement of MAX705, DS1705, IMP705, ADM705, SP705, MIC705, etc.); HN706 (Pin-Pin replacement of MAX706, IMP706, DSP1706, ADM706, SP706, MIC706, etc.)
Advantages︰Microprecessor Supervisore IC:
1. Manual reset input
2. Precision voltage monitor-adjustble +4.65V or +4.40V
3. Watchdog timer
4. Votage monitor
Export Markets︰Main China, SEA, USA,Taiwan, Hong Kong
Pricing︰FOB USD0.28/PC
Payment Details︰T/T Advance
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